JROTC helps celebrate veterans

JROTC is planning many activities for Veterans Week starting on Saturday, Nov. 5. If anyone would like to attend any of the events, the calendar is listed below.

5 Nov (10:00-12:00) – Color/Honor Guard marching in the Navasota Veterans Parade
(10:30-6pm) – Assistance @ GI Museum in their tribute and Open House

7 Nov (4pm-5pm) – Starting Veterans Forum here @ Bryan HS

11 Nov (7:30am) – Flag Presentation Anson Jones Elementary
(1pm) Flag Presentation @ Mitchell Elementary
(2:45pm) Veterans Tribute @ Bryan HS (for JRs/SRs/JROTC/Adults) in regular Gym
(4pm) Flag Presentation and Veterans Tribute @ Sam’s Club

28 Nov (4pm-5pm) – Veterans Forum @ Bryan HS