Students connect to Washington


It’s not everyday that students get the opportunity to get an inside at the professional side of politics and journalism, but social studies classes got to do just that when the C-SPAN network’s bus rolled into campus on October 25th.

“The mission of the bus is to bring awareness to high school and middle school students about the educational resources online,” C-SPAN’s Doug Hemmig said.

Students who participated in the tour came out with not only a new experience, but a new study tool as well.

“[The website] has a lot of different categories and things you can do to get online and look up stuff for your history class,” junior Haley Manry said.

For students who are seeking a career in journalism, Hemmig has advice on how to get into the field.

“Two things are really important,” Hemmig said. “One is to learn good writing skills; being a good writer is vital, and second, do as many internships as possible. Getting the experience of hands-on internships is really important.”

For Hemmig, journalism with the C-SPAN bus brings a lot of happiness, and he hopes that he can get others to be inspired too.

“I love being in a different city everyday,” Hemmig said, “and working with students and helping them with, not only their plans, but with learning what C-SPAN is all about.”

Hemmig wants every student to fulfill their potential and see that C-SPAN can help them.

“They can see whats going on in Washington,” Hemmig said. “I hope they see that this is a network they can really use.”