Legalization of Marijuana Debate: Against

Marijuana legalization is a topic that has been debated for years. No matter what you say, or do, there are people who will always argue with you till the end. The surprising thing to most people is where I stand on the issue.

Personally, I’m against the legalization of marijuana. Yes, that’s right I’m against it. My reasons are not what people usually think when the subject comes to mind. I don’t agree that marijuana has negative effects on your health and I personally know someone who had breast cancer and used pot alongside chemotherapy and has been a Breast Cancer Survivor for 14 years.

I strongly disagree that marijuana is a gateway drug. So many people, no matter what age, have never touched coke, meth or heroin and still smoke marijuana. Although I can see how it would seem like marijuana could be a gateway drug, it comes down to each individual’s decision.

What scares me about marijuana legalization, is that there will be nothing stopping people from getting high on the job. I don’t want someone who is driving my little brother to school in the morning to light up before hopping on the bus. Some people say driving under the influence is less dangerous than driving drunk, but, either way it’s not safe.

Plus, if we did make marijuana legal, who’s going to stop the government from getting their hands on it and adding all kinds of toxins and chemicals that will make it addictive? In trying to help the economy, what if they raise price of marijuana sky high? Plus the pharmaceutical companies are in the business of making money and frequently inflate prices. By doing those things, the crime rate could increase because people would begin to steal the product because they couldn’t afford to buy it and the black market would still exist.

This issue will never be resolved, and whether you agree or not, marijuana will still be around. In the end, nature always win.