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Final Exams: Review to pursue your dreams

As the winter season progresses and the long awaited Christmas holiday becomes closer and closer, our minds are bombarded with final exams even more than before. Though it may seem like “some test” we take at the end of each semester, in reality, it is much more than that. Final exams can be the one test that bump you up in your class rank, or in the worst case scenario, fail you for the semester.  

“It is worth 20% of your final grade,” junior Alison Wilder said, “so if you fail, more than likely you will suffer.”

Yet there is no need to worry about finals if you use the one magical strategy that seems to work every single time: Studying. No matter how, what, when, or where you might study, this method never fails.

“Studying equals a better grade,” junior Zac Slaydon said. “It refreshes my memory on material I have learned earlier in the semester.”

Studying may seem hard and time consuming concept at first, but in reality it really isn’t. There are so many different paths you can take in reviewing that will all lead to a great outcome.

“For finals, I usually look over my notes and redo example problems that I don’t remember how to do,” Wilder said.

Other study methods range from doing flash cards to note examples; all of it helps you to be more successful on the exams. Though this is true, one thing isn’t: Cramming for the test.

“Studying hard the night before a test is good, but relying on it as the only method of preparing is bad,” German and French teacher Jan Krammer said. “If you don’t know the material, one night won’t help.  If you do, that night will reinforce what you know.”   

Other than studying, making sure that you have a full-night’s rest and a stress-free brain is also a key point gaining your desired grade for your finals.

“Make sure to get a good night’s rest, make sure they have the proper materials, and do a last-minute check to make sure they know the information for their test,” Krammer said.

The choice of whether you study for finals or not is ultimately yours, but remember, studying ensures the highest rate of success.

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