Be the One: show some respect

Students showing disrespect to teachers has become a familiar sight on campus.

Whether it’s something as trivial as a dress code violation or as minor as a late assignment, these students are not afraid to be disrespectful to their teachers by raising their voices and exerting an insane amount of emotion.

These students seem to be demanding respect and to be treated as adults by the teachers, yet they are not showing respect nor mature behavior.

Many of these students don’t think anything of their actions. However, there are plenty of students who see these occurrences and are taken aback.

Why do students think that raising their voice and having childish behavior is the way to go about getting what they want? In reality these actions give them anything but respect.

The teachers on campus are not just there to baby-sit you. They are trained professionals who devote the majority of their day to the students’ well-being. Showing gratitude is the least we, as students, can do for them.

Adding extra pressure on the teachers by not being in dress code, turning in late assignments and doing other rebellious things and then becoming angry when we are punished is completely counter-productive.

Just like a police officer’s job is to uphold the law, the teachers must uphold the code of conduct. You wouldn’t talk back to an officer would you? It should be the same with teachers.

Students forget that teachers have their own rules to follow, just like the students do. They are held accountable just like we are, and if anything they have more to lose.

Many teachers are at the school hours before it starts and hours after it ends. They go through seminars and tests to ensure they are benefiting us to their maximum ability.

It’s not just teachers, either, the same respect should be given to substitutes, monitors, administrators and other personnel.

So again, why don’t we appreciate all that they do for us? It seems if we want the teachers to respect us and be grateful for the work we do, we must first do the same for them.

We aren’t asking you to like all of your teachers, but we are asking you to respect them and realize that they are only there to help each of us succeed.