Preparing for the end of the semester

Our first semester of the school year is coming to an end in the next few weeks. As we look to the end of the semester, we will be preparing for the final exams to be given December 14th through the 16th.

As we prepare for the final exams, please note the enclosed schedule. Students will have a regular school day on Wednesday, December 14th and shortened testing days on December 15th and 16th. The reason for this schedule is to ensure that exams are graded and grades are recorded before the winter holiday break.

If, on the Thursday and Friday of final exams, you would like your student to leave campus at 1:00pm, a note from a parent or legal guardian will need to be provided giving your student permission to leave campus. The permission letter should state that your student may leave to go home. Students who are driving themselves will need this permission as well as students who are leaving to walk or ride home with a friend. To avoid the long lines on the days of finals, we encourage your student to bring their note to the attendance office earlier in the week, prior to the start of the final exam schedule. Please also know that when the office is full of students who are trying to be dismissed early, there could be delays in responding to phone calls from parents requesting their student be released. Just a reminder, to avoid classroom disruptions, students may not be called out of class or leave class early during the final exam.

Please know that if your student does not bring a note, buses will run at 3:40 pm and your student will be dismissed at this time to ride the bus home. Students who do not leave campus at 1:00 pm will be monitored by adults during the afternoon hours in assigned areas on the campus.

Final exams are for all students; however, only 11th and 12th grade students may exempt some of their exams based upon the criteria enclosed. Please read the example of the exemption form to understand the board policy.
As you monitor your student’s grades for the six weeks, final exam grades, and report cards, please remember you can access your student’s grades through Parent Connection on our website: or at:

Please feel free to contact the classroom teachers should you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Every teacher has an email address and a phone number where you can leave a voice mail. They will return your call before school, after school, or as soon as they have a planning period.

Please continue to help us to keep you address and phone numbers updated for the teachers, the nurse, and staff to be able to reach you as needed. If you will call one of the school offices (209-2537, 209-2608, 209-2400, 209-2500, or 209-2600), you can share your updated contact information with the front office staff.

Along with the Bryan ISD district website, we have a Bryan High School website that connects to our teachers Web Pages. If you go to you will find links to our website, Web Pages, and even a Facebook page sponsored by our counselors. So much information about Bryan High School can be found in these places.

Please know that the partnership between parents and school is vital to the success of our students and it is our desire to partner with you. We want to thank our students and their parents for making Bryan High School a very special place to be. The spirit and pride of the BHS Vikings come from our students! Thank-you parents, for supporting the efforts of your students and their teachers! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns anytime throughout the school year at (979)209-2441 or [email protected]

We wish you a wonderful Winter Break!
Viking Proud!