Choir serves, serenades audience for night of splendor

Andrea Mendes

The mood for Feast Of Carols was set as soon as you entered the door. It was as if someone sent you back a couple hundred years and you landed in Medieval Times. Knights stood all around, along with court jesters, lords and ladies lining the halls and ushering you forward.

Before beginning the show at 7, a small performance was held in the large auditorium. It began with Mr. Urbanek announcing Vocal Legacy, the top choir students in the school, performing “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, a perfect way to lead into what was to come.

After the song was over attendees were led up the staircase where we were formally announced to the room and seated to our table. Platters of fruit, dessert, cheese and bread decorated the table as maidens came around and poured wassel. The walls and tables were decorated with ornate wreaths and candles, setting the mood for what was to come.

After things had settled down and everyone was seated there was an audience sing-along to “Joy to the World” , which then lead into the meal.

We were served a meal of corn, chicken, green beans, potatoes and all the works. Needless to say, it was delicious. As everyone in the room was enjoying themselves with food and drink, the choir was hard at work serving and preparing for the performance.

The choir soon filed in and began lining the staircase.The concert started out with “Noel Nouvelet” a beautiful piece composed by Mr.Urbanek himself. A unexpected piece that added enjoyment was “Yver vous n’estes qu’un vilain”, sung completely in French. It captured the mood and added variety to the everyday Christmas carols.

A memorable and crowd-favorite song of the night was“Carol of the Bells”. This one ,however, had a bit of edge to it, arranged by Mr. Medlock. It featured a drum kit, keyboard, piano, and guitar. It started off soft and quiet, then rose to a crescendo to be a powerful and truly breathtaking performance. The choir couldn’t have done a better job.

As the night neared its close, the choir performed a classic. A candle was lit and the flame passed as each choir member lit their candle. As tradition went, former choir members in the audience were invited up to sing “Silent Night”. The room was beautiful, lit up by only the flickering lights of the candles, and as voices of past and present choir students filled the air.

The show closed with “Noel Nouvelet” being performed once again, the bells in this song were especially important, each cued at the right moment as the choir filed out.

Feast of Carols was an experience, the combination of our choirs’ talent along with the fantastic setting made the night unforgettable.