Fall, Spring FYP Requirements

FYP, or Flexible Year Plan, requirements have changed with the new STAAR/EOC requirements and changes to the FYP schedule. FYP allows for certain students to not attend classes on specific days at the end of the fall and spring semester.

Grades 6-11

  • 90% Attendance (8 absences)
  • Passing ALL Core Classes (Eng, Math, Science and Social Studies)
  • 70% Average on Common/Unit Assessments by Core Content Area

Grade 12

  • 90% Attendance (9 absences)
  • Completed ALL TAKS Requirements
  • Passing ALL Courses Needed for Graduation

All students who attend in January must attend in May. More students will be added to the list if they do not meet Spring requirements.

Grades 6-11

  • Same as above
  • Pass ALL Core Classes
  • Pass ALL Spring TAKS/EOC Release Exams

Grade 12

  • Same as above
  • Meet all requirements for GRADUATION