Coffee Party: 2012 and……the new world order

The Mayans may have not been so crazy after all. December 2012, the predicted date of the world’s demise, is inching closer and closer. While the rapture may not be as imminent, it’s clear that 2012 really will usher in a different world than we’ve ever known before.

It seems fitting that 2011, a year that began with the Egyptian Revolution and Arab Spring, ended with the Russian winter, as thousands of Russians stormed the Kremlin this month in protest of Vladimir Putin’s corrupt government.

From Tahrir Square to the steps of the New York Stock Exchange, 2011 marked a year of revolutions. Regular citizens poured out of the woodwork in hordes to demand change. Now, as a new year begins, and the revolutions have commenced, the era of change is upon us.

These protesters, whether they’re in Moscow, Cairo, or New York are all seeking the same goal: greater democratic control and rule by true popular sovereignty.

The Russians are challenging the state-controlled media and political corruption.

The Egyptians and Libyans are challenging autocratic rule.

The Americans are challenging oppressive economic policy.

There’s no doubt that the people woke up in 2011 and began to demand change. People aren’t simply demanding change, though. They’re demanding a voice and demanding the right to personal determination.

History shows us that democracy isn’t simply an ideal that can be implemented with political policy or mandate but must be demanded and upheld by the people. As they pour into the streets, these people are attempting to demand democracy throughout the world.

This ‘democracy’ isn’t simply limited to every citizen’s ability to cast a vote, either. The citizenry is also demanding a voice and a right in dictating their economic sovereignty and social opportunity.

These demands haven’t fallen on deaf ears. It’s clear that the 21st century is here and that the world of 2012 will be distinctly different from the one before it. Although this new order may not be the apocalypse that the Mayans have predicted, there’s no doubt that the world will not be the same. Change is here. The only question that persists is, how effective and successful will this grave change be?