Helping students find inner beauty

Do you ever have those days when you wake up, look in the mirror and want to cry? Maybe your hair is a little frizzy, you’re breaking out, or you’ve got dark circles under your eyes from staying up late studying. It is common for girls to criticize themselves.

“Society today has taught girls that being stick-thin and flawless is the definition of beautiful,” senior Molly Wise said. “A lot of girls are learning that in the real world women who look like women, curves and bad hair days and all, are just as, if not more beautiful, than these super thin perfect-complexioned girls.”

However, there are a lot of girls who continue to fight their appearance, and hate how they look. The girls in Student Council aim to change that perception; by implementing a program called Operation Beautiful.

“Girls here are kind of stuck on their appearance than what really matters, which is what’s inside of them,” Student Council vice president Hailey Smith said. “We just want people to be comfortable.”

Operation Beautiful, which will be held Jan. 19 to correspond with Bullying Prevention week, is all about getting girls to be happy with who they are.

“Project Beautiful is this organization of girls that want to get across that natural beauty is more important that outer beauty,” Smith said. “Natural beauty is what matters.”

During the week the Student Council will be supplying t-shirts and promotional materials to students around campus.

“What we’ll do is go around with sticky notes and just write really positive messages on them letting people know that’s its okay to be yourself,” Smith said. “They’ll be stuck on bathroom mirrors and on the hallways.”

If a girl wants to participate, all they have to do is go as natural as they can next Thursday. This includes not fixing their hair, not doing their makeup and just letting their natural beauty show.

“We just want them to know that they can look a certain way on the outside, but it’s what’s inside that really matters,” Smith said.

For more information on Operation Beautiful, you can contact anyone from Student Council, including Smith or Tabitha Hernandez.