Trend of being different makes hipster mainstream

Monserrat Madrazo

Our surroundings have a big impact on us, and as a result, we think that we need to have what everyone around us has or we won’t fit in. As a kid, I wanted every new toy that came out just so I would fit in. Now ironically, it seems that the one thing that everyone wants is to become a “hipster”.

Not too long ago being hipster was considered weird, mainly because it meant that you looked as if you were homeless or just woke up. Now when someone dresses like that, they think it looks carefree and cool. Everyone wants to be cool, but it’s not just the way that you dress that makes you a hipster. The music you listen to and having a laid-back attitude can also contribute to being a hipster.

Listening to bands or musicians such as City and Colour, Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons, and The Black Keys are considered hipster. Dressing in clothes from places like Urban Outfitters, H&M and resale shops can also add to being hipster. Not only do you have to shop at places like these, but you also have to pick the perfect way to wear your clothes to give off a hipster vibe.

Being a so-called hipster usually comes with a care-free attitude and a look on your face that says that you could care less about what the people around you think. Many hipsters also think that having a big vocabulary will make them seem intelligent. Although we all perceive hipsters to either be the very definition of cool kids or above us, real hipsters don’t think of themselves this way.

For many, they are unaware that they are even considered hipsters. Their laid-back attitude and care-free demeanor is just a part of who they are, not someone who they are trying to become.

Being hipster isn’t anything new, as there have been different types of hipsters over the years. It just seems to be new because everyone is trying really hard to be hipster and exclaiming to the world that they are, which breaks the most important rule of being hipster. You cannot be “mainstream”. Being mainstream simply means doing what everyone else does to fit in or having something that someone else has.

Just like any other fad, once everyone starts doing it and it becomes mainstream, it also becomes uncool – excuse my non-hipster speak – it would become “not deck”.