Are students college bound, or bound by college?

The prevailing attitude among students seems to be that the singular goal we should all work for is attending college. The belief is that if you earn a good GPA, participate in extra curricular activities; you get accepted to the college you choose. Teachers and parents will make it seem as if there is only one option and anything that falls short of that isn’t good enough.

This mentality is damaging to people, and can lead to students making bad decisions regarding their future education. While there are some careers that require college, like the medical field, there are other careers that don’t require a loan, or at least four years of your life.

Some people would rather have a career in some sort of technical field or with the military. Both of those options are as viable as a bachelor’s degree, but avoid bankrupting you in the process.

In many cases, the salary earned is significantly higher than the base income earned by a college graduate. For people who need to support their family or want to start one, college is an impediment, not an opportunity.

College also encourages the wrong mentality while in high school. Students are encouraged to join organizations like National Honor Society, not because they actually have a desire to help but because they want it to look good on their college application.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some advantages to going to college. College can offer so many opportunities and lead to a great career that wouldn’t have been available without a degree. College can also help foster a more active social life, and give you a chance to meet new people who have interests that are similar to yours.

While college can be very beneficial and lead to a great career and a fulfilling life, it can also cost you a lot without adding anything to your life. In some cases, a community college or a technical degree is the right way to go.