Health occupation organization provides additional resources for students

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) is an organization focused on bringing students with an interest in the medical field together, by providing an opportunity to learn more about the medical practice.

“For the students, it gives them an opportunity to have leadership roles, and to compete to sharpen their skills,” HOSA sponsor Karen Osborne said. “They can also compete in medical skills like nursing or physical therapy.”

The club also gives students a chance to travel, attend various competitions, and experience things they may not have otherwise encountered. Competitions take students all over the state, and as far as California.

“Most of the time when we travel we’re going to a competition or a conference,” Osborne said. “We start out with local conferences that are usually in Houston, and we go to the state competitions that are usually in San Antonio or Dallas. After that they go to nationals which is always either in Florida or California at Disney World or Disneyland.”

HOSA members enjoy the club because it gives them an opportunity to meet new people and get outside of their comfort zone. During their preparation, students often learn new things about the medical field. The majority of the preparation is done during weekly meetings, held at Hammond-Oliver.

“In HOSA, I’m doing medical reading, and I’ve read books that have to do with different diseases and problems,” HOSA member Alex Magby said, “I’ve learned many things that have helped me in my school career. I’ve also had a great opportunity to meet new people outside of my social bubble and expand and be more able to connect with other people.”

Students interested in finding out more information or joining HOSA can contact sponsors Karen Osborne or Erin Wright at Hammond-Oliver.