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World according to Abel:Relationships

What was love?
What is love today?

Love to today’s generation means nothing. What happened to the days where a guy had to meet a girl’s family before they could go on dates? My generation hides their emotions behind lust. We do anything to keep this person in our life; never fully thinking through the consequences of saying “I love you”. These three words can change a person’s life.

A teenager’s first love is the greatest. When you think you’ve finally found a person you believe understands you and accepts you, it’s pure bliss. All the attention and acknowledgement you get from that person makes you so happy, but is this what love is? Just having a person there because nobody else is? Many girls try to replace the fathers they never had by letting older guys take advantage of them. These girls feel needed and wanted, but blinded by what they believe is love; their hearts are taken and broken even more.

What does it take to get you? What does it take to make it real?

Why do we subject ourselves to this pain and agony at such a young age?

Rotten judgement is a part of growing up, but why must we all feel so miserable? What about those who reject love?

For those few who shelter themselves from the world, love is something to be feared. You keep everything bottled up never to be seen by anyone. Yet, you complain how you’re so alone and nobody understands you. You think you’re so miserable when you’re alone yet never realize that you chose to be alone. Alone in your world you dream of this perfect guy, never thinking of the imperfections that make us all unique. Yet because someone else has broken your heart, you close it off forever keeping it from ever becoming whole again. There is a guy who is doing the same thing somewhere waiting for you.

If you wear your heart on your sleeve or it’s locked away, your world will fall apart. If you can find the amount of yourself to share, your tears will dry and you will learn to fly again. Never stop looking, but think about who you let in. You never know how much you could mean to somebody else. Just pick up the pieces and learn from your mistakes because tomorrow is another day for love.

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