Self expression more than skin deep

Andrea Mendes

Many people see their body as a haven for self expression, and a blank canvas. The choice to alter the way you look by getting a tattoo is a serious decision. In most cases, once done, it can’t be erased.

People choose to get tattoos for many different reasons. Some more personal and meaningful, and others more of an intoxicated mistake.

Tattoos have been found among many cultures worldwide for centuries. Over time and through the invention of the tattoo gun, tattooing has spread to reach all walks of people.

They can be put on various body parts, as virtually any body part can be tattooed. While few parlors will tattoo below the wrist or above the neck, the majority will not.

As well as the various places you can get a tattoo, the type of tattoos vary even more. You can have virtually anything and everything tattooed on your body, from quotes, lyrics, portraits, symbols, cartoons, whatever you desire.

Tattoos can be used to commemorate the death of a loved one, as a tribute to the person they’ve lost. A large portion of people who get this permanent design etched into their skin have a deeper meaning or connection to the tattoo. Others may have lyrics from a favorite song, a line from a book, or a quote that they enjoy. A tattoo can express whatever sentimental value they hold, and having it permanently on your body, gives you a daily reminder of such meaning.

Some people may see tattoos as trashy and find it unappealing on people, this is a common misconception that comes from stories of people being intoxicated and getting tattoos. For many tattoos are a mistake, but for those who sport them for a deeper meaning, this hurts their credibility. In effort to keep this from recurring, tattoo parlors need to take into account the state that each person is in, before they tattoo them.

It’s human nature to judge people on the way they look, many jobs won’t take a second look at a person who sports visible tattoos, passing judgement on them. Tattoos in no way mean you are unable or incapable of performing a job, for most they are simply an expression of art.

Tattoos continue to rise in popularity, with people looking for creative outlets and a way of self expression by displaying it on their bodies. Whatever your reasons for getting a tattoo, remember that they aren’t something that’ll wash off in the shower. Tattoos are permanent and should be done after careful consideration by a licensed professional.