Boys will be boys, but girls get to choose

Yvette Ybarra

Ladies, take a look at the man in your life. What do you see? When I look at my boyfriend, I see an “adorkable” guy that only has my best interests at heart. He cares for me and only wants me to be happy.

It’s great to have the “nice guy” as your boyfriend, but there are some girls who prefer a guy that is more dominant and possessive – someone who is a rebel. Some girls prefer the bad boy, but the question is: Which one is really the better choice?

There are girls that say, “I just want a nice guy.” The nice guy is seen as a guy that is timid, shy and usually cast as the best friend, not the boyfriend. Girls just don’t always notice them at first because they’re looking for a guy that is overly attractive, outgoing and usually makes the first move, as opposed to the nice guy, whose appeal is harder to define.

They are guys that actually care about the girl they are with, and want to be there for her and care for her. Though the nice guy is harder to see, he’s easier to find. For any girl looking for him, look to the background of your everyday life, and he’s sure to be there. 

Some guys get it in their heads that girls don’t really want a guy who is nice, and that some girls want a “bad boy” or at least think they do. He’s a boy who is out there and confident in his approach to girls. He takes what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it. The boy that every girl wants, but is untouchable to most. Some girls are attracted to the “bad boys”. He’s mysterious and troublesome, but are also just a temptation to reel girls in. Still, the temptation means there is something hiding behind his charm. The boy is a heart-breaker, a jerk at best, and if you get into a fight, he will leave you wondering what went wrong. Being with the bad boy usually means being with someone that will leave you the second someone better comes around. He isn’t nearly as dedicated to you as a nice guy would be. 

Both choices have their pros and cons, but only one stands above the other. You could find someone really shy but super nice or someone who is outgoing but a complete jerk at times.  It’s up to you to decide which is the right choice for you. 

Ladies, take a look at your man. What do you see?