PSAT free for all 10th grade student


On Wed. October 17, the PSAT will be given at Bryan High, all 10th grade students will automatically be registered for the PSAT for FREE. 9th and 11th grade student may register for the test in the Silver Cafeteria during their lunch period from Sept. 10-21. The cost for 9th and 11th grade students is $15

Some of the benefits to taking the PSAT:
1. Students who take the PSAT typically score 145 points higher on the SAT than students who didn’t take the PSAT.
2. Students who take the PSAT are eligible to earn National Merit Scholar status, which equals money for college.
3. Students who take the PSAT receive free access to My College Quick Start, a personalized online college and career planning kit that helps you search colleges, explore majors and careers, and get a personalized SAT study plan.
4. Students who take the PSAT receive personalized feedback on their test performance so they can make improvements prior to taking the PSAT again, or taking the SAT.