School involvement increases student success

Justin Sanders

Being involved in a school organization is vital to the development of a student’s communication and teamwork skills. In addition to building character, being in clubs gives students the opportunity to make new friends while having fun along the way.

“You get to meet new people and try new things,” assistant principal Megan Jones said. “It’s a good resume builder if you want to go to college later and develops good people skills.”

Programs that focus on honing specific skills can also be a valuable asset in the future by creating a life-long passion.

“Something like Band or Shy-Annes builds skills that you can use later on,” Jones said. “It makes you a more well-rounded person when you have lots of tools in your tool belt.”

Improvements in the community can come from involvement in clubs and other academic associations that foster a spirit of pride and ownership for that community and help create a better future for all those involved.

Being involved as an adult frequently starts with becomeing involved as a student and learning how important each person is to impacting the environment in which they live .

“Our best citizens and most productive people are involved in the community in one way or another, and high school is where they learn how to be involved,” Key Club sponsor Ted Vaughn said.

Simply going to the required seven classes does not develop all the skills a student needs to be a successful adult.

“Learning how to be involved is a part of education,” Vaughn said. “Part of it is learning the mechanism of being involved and how to be involved and what your place is in being involved.”

Not only does being involved in school organizations provide students with useful skills that are unable to be taught within the confines of the normal classroom, but it also provides students with something fun to do that benefits the school and the community.

Students are encouraged to get involved and find a place to plug-in at school.

Bryan High offers so many clubs and organizations that there’s a place for everyone.