Freshmen football split with Oak Ridge

The silver freshmen football team defeated Conroe-Oak Ridge 33-14 and is now 5-0.

Tremaine Blakey had a 16-yard touchdown run, 14-yard touchdown pass to Aubrey Martin, 74-yard touchdown run
Chris Sage had a 2-yard touchdown run
Derrick Green had a 6-yard touchdown run
Keaton Lowe good on one point after
Lawrence Kerr was good a 2 point conversion

Trace Urquhart two fumble recoveries & one interception
Brighton Anderson four tackles for losses
Mark Ybarra big hit on defense

Special teams standouts
Chris Sage and Josh Spivey

The blue freshmen team loses 2-20 and is now 2-3

BJ Ross threw a 38 yard pass to Julio Gonzales

Jordan Driver fumble recovery
Kesean Jefferson was on tackle for safety, blocked a punt and recovered the ball.
Dedrick Davis was also on tackle for safety.

Special teams standout
Landon Miner and Dedrick Davis had a big hit