Political involvement opportunities available to students

In the upcoming election, the youth vote is being heavily sought after by both parties like never before. Voters between the ages of 18-24 can be involved in politics like any other adult – and it’s important for them to do so, but what about those who are too young to vote, yet are still interested in the political process?

There are many opportunities for teens to become involved in politics. For one, there are year-round high school student governments, state and local elections, and interest groups. During the presidential election season, teens can volunteer for political campaigns which involves donating money, persuading others to vote, and displaying stickers and signs. This allows younger citizens the opportunity to experience such activities as working a phone bank, going door to door, or volunteering at a booth. To volunteer for a campaign, contact the local or state campaign for the candidate you are interested in.

Students can also join organizations such as Rock the Vote. These organizations seek to get young adults or other underrepresented groups to register to vote. They are also independent of political parties or agendas and are very interested in teens getting other teens to vote.

Mock Elections are a great example of a way students can be involved. Through those elections students are forced to make decisions about what they value in a candidate for themselves and discuss candidates and issues with their peers.

If a student wants to be involved in politics, there are still many opportunities for interested students in and out of their school. Students who become involved at an early age are more likely to stay involved in politics once they reach voting age.