Stepping out of your musical comfort zone

Most of us have heard a car vibrating down the street with music blasting through its open windows, but how often are the lyrics of that music meaningful? For me, it’s not very often.

Although I do enjoy rap music’s catchy rhythms and beats, I know the lyrics don’t convey the best messages. Music can fill the mind and soul with words of happiness and encouragement, or with words of negativity, so when people spew profanity, it creates a bad atmosphere and pollutes the community.

Despite their catchy beats and good sounds, some of today’s most popular songs have this effect on people, filling their minds with vulgar lyrics and bad advice. For some reason, people look up to these artists and try to be like them, thinking that they’re “cool”. In reality, these people have set terrible examples. I believe that there is so much crime and corruption in our world today because celebrities have such a huge impact on society. If celebrities smoke weed and beat their wives, people think it’s acceptable.

If celebrities would set better examples, they could definitely change society for the better. Unfortunately, this probably won’t happen any time soon, so it’s up to our generation to set good examples and try to make our own town a better place.

One way to do this is to fill the community with positive messages that motivate people and give them hope. If someone walking down the street is having a bad day and hears lyrics telling them that they are loved and that life always gets better, it just might cheer them up a bit. If everyone would show love to one another, wouldn’t the world be a better place? Instead of telling people that “the more money you have the happier you’ll be”, or “smoke weed to feel better and be cool”, or “beat this person up because they offended you”, why don’t we share messages of love, compassion, hope and forgiveness?

I know what you’re probably thinking: “That music isn’t fun to listen to!” or “People will think I’m a dork if I blast that kind of music!” But you’re wrong! Just because music is edifying doesn’t mean that it has to be “dorky”. Some of my favorite radio stations are KSBJ (92.5), NGEN radio (93.3), and the new KKLB (107.7).
These radio stations play fun, upbeat, rap, hip hop and contemporary music with positive lyrics that I enjoy listening to more than today’s “popular” songs. They play music that encourages me, reminds me that things will always get better, and keeps me going throughout this crazy, chaotic and stressful life.

Give these a try, and you just might make someone’s day a bit brighter – including your own.