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Off-campus lunch makes students more responsible

Ever since elementary school we’ve been accustomed to waiting in a line for our lunches. As we get older, get our driver’s license, and get a sense of freedom and responsibility, a lot of students would say that off-campus lunch would be something appropriate for them.

Although off-campus lunch does give the students a sense of freedom, there are many factors that would be a disadvantage for the students and the school in general.

Paying for the students’ food is really expensive for the school. Allowing the students to eat at home or elsewhere would relieve a lot of the school’s lunch expenses. If students were able to leave campus, they could have healthier options and more time to eat.

The demand for the amount of food the cafeteria staff has to make is huge, which creates a lot of stress for them. With so many kids, it’s hard to keep up with the amount of food. If off-campus lunch was an option, the demand wouldn’t be as big and they wouldn’t be as stressed out.

Having students off campus for about half an hour could relieve a lot of stress for monitors, teachers, and students. Teachers wouldn’t have to worry about as many kids and what they’re doing. The students would also get a break from being stuck in school all day and give them a boost of energy allowing them to be more refreshed and focused throughout the rest of the day.

With students having the privilege to leave the campus, they would be more tempted to skip class. If not skipping, they could be late. In the rush to get back to school on time, accidents could happen. If the school would want to keep this privilege for the students, they might have to give extra time for lunch which would cut into the advisory period.

Going off campus for lunch can get pretty expensive, having to pay for gas and a meal. If students do this every day, then their expenses will be going toward something that could be used for something more important. It’s also not fair to the students who can’t drive.

Off-campus lunch has been a desired option for students for a very long time. Because it poses many complications, it has never been tried in the district. However, we will never know if these things will actually be a problem unless we try them.

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