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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Scorpions falling from the sky, fire coming from the surface of the earth, buildings and bridges collapsing, dead animals on the streets, humans eating humans, earthquakes every hour, tsunamis engulfing islands, cars falling through cracks in the streets and down to the center of the scorching earth to be burned, with no mercy on the lives of all 6 billion people living on this planet.

According to those crafty Mayans, the world is coming to an end before many of us have even had a taste of life. We’ve all heard of this crazy revolution, and a few of us have already long prepared for the upcoming apocalypse. And of course, we’re all wondering how the world is going to end this time.

A Christian named Harold Camping led a movement saying our Judgement Day was to be in the 1970’s and again in May of 2011. Before that in 1999, several Christians believed the Jesus would be coming again, along with dramatic tribulations because of the new millennium. Others in 2000 thought that the alignments of the planets would cause several episodes of volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Before that, there are countless other predictions of Doomsday, and all of them, obviously, ended up being just another day the world supposedly ended.

So how is the world going to end this time? Perhaps it will be by natural disaster, and the sun will explode, in which case we wouldn’t even realize it for a whole eight minutes because that’s how long it takes for light to travel. For a whole eight minutes, the earth would still be bright and shining, and no one would even suspect a thing. Or maybe we’ll get hit with a deadly epidemic, something even scarier than the swine flu or the Spanish influenza. There would be people in agony, dying of a torturous disease with no cure. Who knows, maybe even the zombie apocalypse is a possibility, the dead eating our guts and leaving the rest of our bodies on the ground to die a slow and painful death.

How will everyone prepare for this revelation? People may be preaching from the sidewalks about fire and brimstone. Some may believe that they can beat this apocalypse by storing months worth of water and canned goods under their house in a bunker, with all sorts of weapons to protect themselves.

So don’t bother planning out your career, picking what college to attend, or even your grades for the rest of the semester. On top of that, forget about that dream house you had in mind, the beautiful family you were going to to raise, and the life you had planned ahead of you.

Instead, plan out your bucket list for things to do before December 21. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to eat an entire 72 ounce steak by yourself? Or dye your hair bright, eccentric, crazy colors? Maybe even drop out of school?

Or… maybe not.

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