AcaDec team brings home medals from Regional meet


The AcaDec Team participated in the Academic Decathlon Regional Competition at Montgomery High School on Jan. 24-26. The team competed against 14 other Region 6 schools and returned with 13 medals.

Honors Category:
Henry Brandesky – 1st place Honors student
Molly Stevenson – 2nd place Honors student
Arkezznik Washington – 3rd place Honors student

Scholastic Category:
Alvin Santamaria – 1st place Scholastic student, 2nd in Economics, 2nd in Science, 2nd in Language Literature, 1st in Art
Andrew Litzner – 2nd place Scholastic student
Tatum Littleton – 3rd place Scholastic studnet

Varsity Category:
Travis Langston – 1st place Varsity student, 3rd in Math, 3rd in Science, 1st in Language Literature
Tyvan Hearne – 2nd place Varsity student, 3rd in Interview, 2nd in Social Science, 2nd in Science