Gun users take fire, punished for crimes they didn’t commit

Andy Ramirez

As more mass shootings take place in America, the topic of gun control becomes more prevalent with the public. In response, President Barack Obama has recently made a controversial proposal to congress regarding the nation’s gun control laws aimed at the nations weapons holders. Now, more than ever, it is critical that citizens are familiar with the second amendment. As a free nation, we must realize that we cannot blame the masses for the acts of the few.

More laws will not curb gun violence. The notion that restricting guns will end violence in our country is not true. Believing that creating laws concerning the limitation of firearms will simply end their use is a naive and dangerous idea that may very well cost the lives of more Americans. Examples of the implementation of legislation with this same intent is evident everywhere in our society, such as drugs. Just because drugs are illegal, no one produces, sells, or does drugs, right? The same is true for guns. By creating laws to restrict guns, one cannot guarantee that everyone will follow them. Prohibition is another example of how laws like this work. Instead of decreasing alcohol use, prohibition had exactly the opposite effect. People tend to do things more when told not to do them. Instead of making the same mistakes, we need real solutions to these problems.

Another important point to consider is that criminals break laws by their nature, so why would they not continue to break laws? Even if the proposed laws had been in place, it is likely that the shootings would have happened regardless. One must consider that the people who commit these heinous acts are criminals who will plan and execute their crimes despite any law put in place.

It is our responsibility to enforce the existing laws.. Why are we trying to create stricter gun laws when we’re not putting into practice the ones we already have? The plans proposed by president Obama has proposed will cost an estimated $4 billion, money that could be saved by following our current arms laws. Before considering passing such a costly and unnecessary bill, we owe it to ourselves to at least enforce the policies we have now.

One final point that should be considered when regarding gun control is the fact that law abiding people feel safer with guns to defend themselves. Someone who goes through the entire legal process to obtain a firearm can be a valuable asset in an emergency situation. Instead of leaving citizens unarmed or underarmed, facing someone who illegally obtained much more powerful weapons, we must ensure that we are adequately prepared for any situation. Armed law abiding citizens can serve to protect victims in an unexpected gunfight, and with good people shooting back, victims may have a vital window of opportunity to escape, or at least take cover.This is not to say that guns are the only solution, however, iIt is important to remember that one person can make the difference in a life or death situation.

We cannot overlook these and other aspects of our current gun control laws. The solution to our problems is not punishing the innocent, but seeking out the guilty. Supporters of the gun control laws state that they will make it harder for criminals to obtain weapons, which could possibly save lives. However, the issue arises that if someone is as determined and serious to consider committing this caliber of crime, they will most likely obtain the weapons needed by illegal means. This in itself can give rise to a violent illegal weapons market. The solution is to educate our population about how responsible gun users are not to be feared. We must stand by the principles on which our constitution was founded, and stop attacking the innocent for the crimes of the guilty.