Choir students advanced to state competition

The Bryan High Choir competed in UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest on Feb. 14.
110 students performed solos and 75 received a 1st division rating.

Of the 75 (1st division ratings) 46 qualified for State Solo & Ensemble Contest in May at the University of Texas in Austin.

*Qualified for State

*Aaron Sowell
*Abby Wunneburger
*Addie Henry
*Allie Morrison
*Amanda Ricke
*Amber Mosqueda
*Andrew Ballard
*Andrew Liner
*Andrew Litzner
Avery Potts
Baylea Johnson
Bethany Peterson
Brighton Slovacek
Brittany Graves
*Campbell Herman
*Candra Lewis
Cassidy Crawford
*Cassidy Lovett
Cassie Fellers
*Celeste Fields
Chris Magby
*Christian Vargas
*Christine Ehresman
Colton Hoover
Cristina Thomas
David Gutierrez
*Dominick Oliver
*Douglas Edge
Elizabeth Dill
*Elizabeth Snodgrass
*Emily Carroll
*Emma Slowey
Erica Jones
Esther Castro
Farrah Revilla
*Forrest Herman
*Hailey Smith
*Hannah Wingfield
*Jacqueline Bustos
*James Mosqueda
Jamie Krauter
*Jessica Pfeffer
John Pustejovsky
*Kinsey Craig
*Kristin Pustejovsky
*Kyle Cade
Lauren Bernal
*Lilly Chilek
*Lindsey Morehead
*Mackenzie Rakowitz
*Macy Ponzio
*Madison Saculla
Margaret Derickson
*Mark Reyes
Megan Murski
Miana Soto
*Natalie Fisher
Patric Morgan
Quinisha Gordon
*Rachael Partlow
*Rachel Warden
Racquel Blue
Rebecca Firth
*Rebecca Peirce
*Robert Morgan
*Robyn Tarver
*Sandy Schwalen
*Saori Rosas Esquivel
*Synthia Reyes
Taylor Yett Rosser
*Thomas Gusewelle
Timothy Garcia
Vania Anson
Victoria Badillo
Victoria Saenz