Hard work and dedication benefit runner

Regina Flores

As a child, games and activities are an important part of everyday life. Whether it be hopscotch, hide n’ go seek, or Simon says, the list probably goes on and on, making it difficult to pick a favorite. For senior Richard Biggs, running was always number one on his list. His love of track started early on and has been progressing ever since.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had this gift of running,” Richard said. “I’ve always had this passion that’s just indescribable. As I got older I had the opportunity to elevate in different ways. I was able to express myself, and it just came naturally.”

Richard officially became involved in track in seventh grade and now runs the 4×1, 4×2, and the 4×4 relays, the 100, 200, and 400 yard dashes, and long jump. So many different events may seem overwhelming; however, Richard says it is beneficial to be so involved.

“I love [those events],” Richard said. “When you can do multiple things, it betters your talent. It gives you a chance to express your talent and at the same time build in different areas. You may not be good at one thing, but if you do something else, it can elevate you in another.”

In order to be as successful as Richard is at track, athletes must commit many hours to practicing and persisting. Doing so for six years now has taught Richard how to juggle school work along with his numerous track events.

“It’s all about managing your time,” Richard said. “The best way to do that is to go home and study. [Track has helped me manage my time] because it gives me responsibility and something to strive for.”

Richard’s hard work and dedication on and off the track never go unnoticed.

“It’s his work ethic,” senior trackmate Cooper Powell said. “He puts in the most work out of anybody I’ve ever met, and he works hard every day, even on days that we don’t have practice.”

Richard’s never ending perseverance not only stands out to his teammates, but also to track coach Chris Biggs.

“Track is one of the most individually demanding sports,” Coach Biggs said. “The clock doesn’t lie. The measuring tape doesn’t lie. If you come up short, rarely is there anyone else to blame. Richard knows that and thrives on it. He is a solid person. We all have our flaws, but Richard is the type of person that works to overcome his flaws, not use them as a crutch.”

Although track is an individual sport, Richard’s love for his team shines through as he supports and encourages his teammates.
“It’s an individual sport, but it’s also a team sport at the same time, so you get to switch off, be an alternate or be running,” Richard said. “It’s challenging, but it motivates you at the same time. We’re always there for each other. When somebody is not at their best that day, it drives you to push them up, to bring them to a better standard.”

When it’s Richard’s turn to run, he mentally prepares himself by focusing on the track that lies ahead of him.

“Sometimes I’m a little anxious, but I block out the crowd,” Richard said. “That’s what’s going through my mind: it’s time to block out anything that can be a hinderance to what I’m going to do. I get in my zone.”

Out of all the great memories track has brought Richard, the Texas Relays stood out to him the most, being the most “beautiful moment” he’s had since he started participating in track.

“You’re among some of the top athletes in the world, and you’re being seen by different colleges,” Richard said. “It’s like you see that there are possibilities and opportunities that you could have if you strive. It makes you not want to hold back but instead give it all you’ve got to show everything and not hold back any fight inside of you and just go for it. Leave it all on the track.”

Currently, Richard is doing just that as he works diligently towards pursuing track in college. If things go his way or not, Richard plans to continue to run.

“Even if I don’t get a scholarship, I’ll walk on,” Biggs said. “I’ll walk on to a college and get myself well acquainted with the coaches. We’ll get some things going, and we’ll do some connections and start from there. It’s never too late; that’s how I feel.”