Bigger isn’t always better: Phones performance, capability not linked to screen size

Cell phone screens have become excessively large with no additional benefits. A bulging pocket, the struggle of holding and using it, and being caught attempting to secretly text in class, it seems like no breakthrough has really come from increasing the screen size.

The iPhone has it right. With the 3.5 inch screen, it’s the sweet spot, not too small to where it is a hassle to type, and just the right size to where it can be operated easily with one hand. Even with the release of the iPhone 5, featuring a new 4 inch screen, the width did not change, and it is still big enough to do anything you want.

Although a bigger screen may allow more content to fit on the screen, does an extra scroll really hinder the experience? With a bigger screen comes a heavier and bulkier phone on top of a shorter battery life due to the amount of power the screen needs.

The convenient size of a smaller phone also allows for one-hand texting. With a massive screen one handed texting would become a finger work out constantly having to stretch across the screen.

Before phones had touchscreens, companies were attempting to make them smaller and smaller. Now, it seems as though the trend has changed from smaller and smaller to bigger and bigger, when there is no apparent need for it to be bigger. Humans have not morphed into giants, our hands are still the same size and our pockets have remained the same. So why do we need to make a phone screen bigger?

Having a big phone is like having a big truck. It is something that isn’t needed and really isn’t worth bragging about. A normal sized phone can complete the same task as a giant phone, just as a small car can accomplish the same task as a large truck.

Good luck fitting a Galaxy Note with a 5.3 inch screen, unless you wear cargo shorts, it will be hanging out of your pocket.

Walking around with essentially an iPad held to your head in public makes you look downright silly, and when it drops and cracks because your hands aren’t large enough to hold your massive phone, maybe the thought will cross your mind to get a normal size phone. On top of all of that, a smaller phone is more convenient and does the job just as well, if not better.