Red Ribbon Week raises drug abuse awareness

Red Ribbon Week, which aims to help students remain drug-free, is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon week will be hosted on campus October 15-19, with Student Council sponsoring activities throughout the week.

“I really support Red Ribbon week because I feel like we need to encourage people to be drug free,” senior Hailey Smith said. “The goal is to get the word out and to have people excited about being drug free.”

The negative consequences of drug abuse affect not only individuals who abuse drugs but also their families and friends.

“We don’t really realize how serious drugs are and the harmful effects they can have for the future,” Senior Class President Cory Collet said. “ I feel like Red Ribbon Week gives people an outlook on life, allows them to step back and see how they truly view it.”

Student Council will also host a pledge drive and pass out awareness materials during lunch.

“The goal of Red Ribbon Week is to tell the truth about how drugs really affect life and to give people the facts about drugs,” Collet said.“To me, it’s all about getting the word out to different people about the truth of drugs because today in society, drugs are portrayed as ‘really fun’.”

Dress up days will be on each day of the week, with the activities designed to be a reminder to the students to stay drug free.