Tricky trap: DIY tab terrorizes, traumatizes

It functions as a girl’s dream closet, personal cookbook, future house plan, wedding-day checklist, workout motivation, and everything in between. Most notably, though, Pinterest is the database of basically every “Do-It-Yourself” project known to man (better yet, woman). The DIY projects featured on Pinterest are so enticing and look so very simple, but the fact of the matter is that most normal people just end up with craft-supply mayhem on what was formerly known as their workspace and have nothing impressive to show for it.

Anyone with a Pinterest account has come to the realization that DIYs are virtually impossible. Well, everyone except for the professional DIY-ers who post tutorials with perfectly finished products for everyone to gawk over and envy – but those people are a rare species. Most of us have fallen into the DIY trap only to be disappointed and left with a giant mess, because let’s face it, curiosity killed the cat (or the table that was used for the project).

DIY projects can’t possibly be as easy as their creators make them out to be, right? Judging from the appearance of the table that was destroyed in the making of the project, it’s simply not possible. Whatever the case may be, the chance of finding a DIY project that actually ends up like the picture at the end of the tutorial is slim to none.

Since we’ve all experienced, or at least heard about, how these inevitably doomed DIY crafts are going to end, why even bother making the mess? Somehow, someway, Pinterest compels us to attempt yet another project, just one more time – because maybe this time it’ll work out.

While Pinterest has many different functions and can be used for archiving all of one’s life dreams, take some advice: stay away from the DIY tab. It’s like getting sucked into an endless vortex, again and again, with the exact same outcome. Unless of course, one of those rare projects that looks somewhat decent when finished is sifted out of all the ones that won’t work. But the majority of the time, the project will just end up in a mess.

If turning the house into a catastrophe of craft supplies for a measly project sounds like fun, go for it. Otherwise, don’t even attempt it. Pinterest is tempting, but from someone who has been there and done that, do not give in to that inevitably doomed project.

But maybe, just maybe…that project will be successful.