Pushing the boundaries with the hair on your chiny chin chin

Male students don’t want to look like Si Robertson from “Duck Dynasty”, they just don’t want to risk cutting themselves shaving their mustaches and beards for a random rule. Students can not help that they are growing older and that hair is beginning to grow out on their faces like grass in a field, and some teachers come off a bit hypocritical when they have a beard to the floor and get upset that we have a little peach fuzz on our face, It’s like we are breaking some kind of ancient law punishable by incarceration in county jail.

Some guys tend to break out more on their faces with those pesky pimples and then begin to grow hair and when they have to go shave the hair away, they cut open their pimples and begin bleeding because it’s hard not to miss hair and not to cut yourself in the process.Also there are a few guys who don’t have a male figure in the house to show them how to do stuff like shave and other manly things,so they attempt it without help, so and the risk of injury is way higher than for those who have a male figure to show them right from wrong. When we finally begin to grow hair on our face it symbolizes that we are becoming men.Kind if like how we become real adults when we start an actual paying job.

The real world will treat us the same way that we are being treated right now , but we are just adolescents, and I understand that the schools are just trying to prepare us for our future in working places, but it’s highschool and we should come solely for our education. All these rules just make us all want to go home and hide under our blankets, never wanting to come back.

Growing up is a part of life. We all mostly understand that school is trying to teach us lessons,but does it really mean having to begin with shaving our faces? The Santa look isn’t wanted, but neither is the five-year-old look. We are high schoolers, so isn’t it time we looked like it?