Game of the Century

Bryan/College Station: a small but steadily growing town in the heart of Texas. The adjacent towns that are known by many names, including Aggieland and the Twin Cities, hosted the biggest football game of what feels like the century, at Kyle Field, Pretty cool right? Anywhere you turned your head that weekend there was some kind of Texas A&M memorabilia, from clothing and signs in windows to flags in front of stores and the A&M army trucks driving around the streets; we were just all flaunting our pride in the face of our foe, The support for our hometown team was really amazing and incredible to see.

Even though we were using our pride to intimidate our rivals, the word “hospitable” was thrown around quite a bit by the Alabama fans who came all the way over here. Our point was that just because we want to win doesn’t mean we have to be rude to the visitors, as they were boosting our economy here by making local purchases and staying the weekend in our hotels. Some of the visitors were nice, some were mean, but either way we made history typical of the A&M persona. Aggies treated all the visitors as if they were our neighbors and people we’ve known forever. Some visitors commented that the local Aggies were way nicer than the other cities that they visited to see Alabamas away games. We were welcoming and excited to see all the new faces coming into our little town. The amount of new faces must have been some kind of fire hazard, because there were a lot of people here for the game

The build up to the game took an incredibly long time, but right off the bat the game was very interesting to watch. Just by living here, we become apart of history. The game was very interesting, every chance I got to see it was a moment of pride.With our amazing quarterback playing the game well rested and determined. Even though we lost the game to 49-42, our hometown support never faded away. We may have lost this battle, but we will never lose the war.