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Roadhouse seems more like Rudehouse

Americans are creatures of habit, and one habit we stay true to is our pastimes. America has many pastimes, from baseball to block parties and especially eating out. From coast to coast there are restaurants, fast food places, cafes, and buffets galore!

In Bryan/College Station were known for a few restaurants such as Wings ‘N’ More, Lane’s, and the notorious Texas Roadhouse. On payday, most Bryan High students charge to the drive thru’s and dine-in restaurants. I personally love Wings ‘N’ More and Lane’s, however Roadhouse is another story.

Every experience I’ve had there has turned out to be negative, with my first time being the worst. Both my hostess and waitress were rude, and they never tried to be friendly. When we asked for my hostess scoffed and gave us a table. Once our waitress didn’t even ask if we were doing okay. When my little sister spilled her drink, no one offered to help clean it up.
Trying to stay positive, my family and I figured the food would be worth it. I was disappointed when the food took 30 minutes to arrive. I didn’t know what the hype was about when it came to their food, as mine was dry and bland. When we complained to the manager nothing was done; we didn’t even get an apology.

For two years I never returned for fear I’d receive the same treatment and the food wouldn’t improve. However, when a close friend decided to have her birthday at Roadhouse I figured this experience would have to be better.
Deja Vu happens at the most random time, but at a steakhouse? I saw that the exact same hostess who was rude to me two years before was now a waitress. Obviously a pay raise was included with this promotion, so I figured her people skills improved, however this was not the case. Again I was disappointed with the restaurant.

Fearing we wouldn’t have a table, we called an hour ahead for a reservation yet when we arrived our reservation “disappeared” and it took 40 minutes for our group to be seated. Our waitress took a roll off of our table and asked if she could eat it. Our group was more than shocked. At this point we wanted to leave, so we asked for the check for the appetizer we all shared. After 20 minutes of waiting for the check, we asked the manager what the hold up was. The answer was simply that the waitress forgot.

Putting personal experiences aside, the atmosphere alone is a turn off. The peanut shells all over the floor is not only unappealing to the eye it seems unsanitary to me. I don’t want to look at other people’s dirty, licked peanut shells while I’m eating my food.
Maybe it’s the luck of the draw, maybe it’s some kind of karma from the food gods punishing me for some reason. From experience and just the overall feel, I can’t get into the hype of Texas Roadhouse.

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