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Hit show casts spell on viewers with third season

Haunted houses, insane asylums, and witches, are common things in the TV show American Horror Story. For the past three seasons, American Horror Story has not been for the fainthearted. Since the start of season one, I was hooked, I enjoy horror movies and have been avidly watching ever since.

Each season stands alone, meaning that a new plot and new set of characters are created with a few of the repeated actors cast in different roles. Not only does the plot change each season, but the level at which actors Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe perform elevates. They take their roles to a whole new level each season, and adapt to their new persona well.

Season one began with the “Murder House” who seems to trap and murder those who live there. It began with a dysfunctional family moving from a big city to modest neighborhood in Southern California. The Harmons seem to experience all kinds of supernatural events, however they purchase the house knowing that a couple who owned it before them, was murdered in. Personally, I enjoyed this season, and after the first couple of episodes. The shear amount of gore and horror that was featured in this season was scary, but I loved it.

Season two, “Asylum” was a huge change from Murder House and began with a couple exploring an old abandoned insane asylum, which was the home to over 1,000 deaths. This season goes back in time to the 1950s where alien activity, demon possession, a sadist nun, and an evil doctor who once worked for the Nazis were a few things that were experienced in the Asylum. Sister Jude, played by AHS alumni Jessica Lange, who was the main character throughout this season, was a someone I would never want to come into contact with,; her punishments and the karma she experienced, were shocking to say the least. The demonic possession of Lily Rabe’s character, Sister Mary Unis, was intense and honestly gave me nightmare for a week.

This year titled “Coven” was the the season I was the most excited for. Characters from season 1 were making a comeback, including Taissa Farmiga, who plays Zoe, who also played Violet Harmon in season one, and Jamie Brewer, who plays Nan the clairvoyant witch, are to play teenage descendants of Salem Witches. Also, a whole new cast was brought in along with alumni of the show. Jessica Lange portrays Fiona Goode, the supreme witch who heads the coven, and is the most powerful witch alive. Her daughter, Cordelia Foxx, is the head of the witch school, that Queenie, Nan, Zoe, and movie star Madison Montgomery attend.

The first episode starts off with Zoe discovering that she’s a witch, and her parents shipping her off to a boarding school for witches to learn to control their powers. Upon arriving at the school, Madison, Nan, and Queenie greeted her with hazing.

Madison Montgomery, played by Emma Roberts, is a great edition to the cast, who personally is my favorite edition to the cast. Madison. The cast is impeccable and I’m excited to see what’s to come in the next episodes. I’ve heard rumors of witch hunters and a war that is about to spark among the witches.

So far, I have more than enjoyed the season, and am ready to watch a new episode Wednesday. If I were you, I’d definitely give American Horror Story a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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