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Culture infantilized by lack of expectations

The grocery store: something people used to get dressed up for, or at least look presentable for is now littered with people that look like they just rolled out of bed. The truth is the world that we now live in is very different from when our grandparents were our age, and while fashion may have changed and the character of society as a whole has become more accepting, it has not all been in a positive way.

I can remember hearing stories from my grandfather’s childhood about how they rarely got to go out to eat and if they did it was for a special occasion. Now you see kids screaming and throwing fits in restaurants and parents who fail to control their children, people scantily clad and curse words getting tossed around like beach balls.

People today are more free spirited, but there is a time and place for everything, and twerking, thankfully, does not have a time or a place in public. Teens today are changing rapidly, as each generation seems to lose more of the values the previous one had.

While society is becoming more connected through technology, it doesn’t translate to a society of people versed in communication. It is actually quite the opposite, even when in groups of friends it is silent, because people are too buried in their phone, checking their favorite social media app to see what is going on in someone else’s world that they have never even meet.

Most people these days are more concerned with what other people are doing, and the actions of celebrities are negatively are impacting society negatively. It is as though people now think that because someone is doing something, then it is perfectly fine for you to follow and do the same. People seem to lose common sense when posting things to the internet, whether it be the good or the illegal activity which, they forget, will come back to haunt them when searching for a job.

I think the reason society is changing more and more is because young people do not have a backbone to stand up for what they actually believe in. Everyone at some point has been a victim of peer pressure and they just go with the flow and suffer from the consequences later.

This is worrisome because people do not think about their actions, it seems that few people our age are actually looking forward to the future or preparing. Teens are looking for the easy way out on education, which will only come back in the future. Enrolling in the bare minimum required to graduate and when that becomes inconvenient they turn to night school to barely scrape by and receive their diploma.

Society is changing and is revealing flaws in our society and something isn’t working correctly. People need to think about what they are doing and how it will affect them, otherwise we will have a society of people who are behind, because people are too wrapped up in fads and not taking life as serious as it should be.

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