Orchestra student advances to state competition, others place high at competition


The Orchestra competed in the UIL Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contest at Consol High School on Feb. 8. Twenty Orchestra students participated and ten students received 1 ranking.

Stephanie Quinonez, Violin, Class 1, Rank One, Advancing to State
Cathrine Anding, Bass, Class 1, Rank one
Laura Moreno, Violin, Class 2, Rank one
Abbigail Whisenant, Viola, Class 2, Rank one
Sierra Barber, Cello, Class 2, Rank one
Taylor Jones, Violin, Class 3, Rank one
Angel Leija, Violin, Class 3, Rank one
Alejandra Reyes, Violin, Class 3, Rank one
Alexandra Rieger, Violin, Class 3, Rank one
Caleb Durda, Bass, Class 3, Rank one
Emily Henderson, Violin, Class 2, Rank two
Andrew Buck, Viola, Class 1, rank two
Zoe Patino, Viola, Class 1, Rank two
Val Arriaga, Viola, Class 2, Rank two
Maya Turner, Viola, Class 2, Rank two
Russell Oplinger, Cello, Class 3, Rank two
Bryson Smith, Violin, Class 2, Rank three
Jared Sloan, Viola, Class One, Rank Three
Bridget Vilas, Viola, Class 2, Rank Three
Nocolas Roman, Bass, Class 2, rank Three