Holiday cheer turns to jeer


The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the popcorn is strung and draped on the tree, and the sweet melodies of Bing Crosby are playing through the house…but it’s July 1 and others are wondering what’s going on.

Though we love Christmas and all that it entails, it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Christmas music begins to play on the radio months before the holiday, stores put out their Christmas merchandise immediately after Halloween, and houses are laden in lawn ornaments and Christmas lights as soon as their Thanksgiving decorations come down.

Many people don’t like Christmas music at all, and even those who do would say that by the time Christmas comes around the music becomes stale and obnoxious. Christmas music is appropriate in moderation, like sweets; it’s enjoyable during the week of Christmas, but too much will make you sick.

While stores might have a nice Christmasy vibe, the amount of products can be overwhelming. They put out Christmas merchandise too early, like Hobby Lobby, where you can buy a Christmas tree and ornaments in the middle of summer.

Because there is too much Christmas in every store in town, you would think that the workers would have a merry attitude, however this is usually not the case. Often times they seem annoyed and act like the Scrooge, but can you can really blame them when they are surrounded by Christmas everything for 8 months out of the year?

Workers are probably especially grumpy because they have to work on Thanksgiving for Black Friday. Traditionally, stores open up the day after Thanksgiving, however this year stores opened starting at 6 pm on Thanksgiving. They can’t enjoy one holiday due to the next holiday coming up. It’s sad that families have to plan around the Black Friday sales in order to cut the turkey.

With all that being said, enjoy your Christmas now that we’re only two weeks away from it. Put up those decorations and listen to some happy Christmas tunes. Soon, Christmas will be packed up and stored away – at least for a month or two.