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Do it for the Vine: App urges character, creativity, collaboration

Two hours of consecutive six second videos. How tedious does that sound? You begin to ask yourself, this can’t be me? It was just 11 o’clock, how is it already two in the morning? No way have I been staring at a screen for hours at a time. In this day and age however, technology has the power to do exactly that, and I too have fallen victim.

Our generation has become slaves to the latest apps. We challenge our mental sanity with Flappy Bird, we seek attention in the “Hot or Not” app, and we become professional photographers with Instagram. However, there’s one app that has changed our generation forever, an app so simple yet so great: the epidemic of Vine.

Most adults see it as just another pointless app that’s rotting teenagers sanity, but what they don’t realize is that this app has brought many of people together through comedy, romance, and music. Snoop Dogg, Kreayshawn, Mac Miller, and Lucy Hale are some of the many celebrities who have caught on to this trend. On top of that I think I speak for all the adolescent teenage girls of my generation when I say that actor and heartthrob Josh Peck’s posts keep me glued. These celebrities are few of the many sharing every detail of their personal lives in 6 seconds, and boy do we love it.

Vine is a hit sensation that has taken over the country, and it’s not wise to doubt it’s power. YouTube is a great source for videos, but the reality is that our attention spans have lessened greatly over the years, and the creator of Vine has used this realization to create brilliance. Every video is straight to the point and clear. If it’s funny you laugh, if it’s romantic you swoon, and if it’s good music you jam.
The simplicity of the app is amazing, with only an email and a recent picture required to start the journey through the mind jungle of Vine. In no way am I talented enough to become a sensation on Vine, but after having the app for about a year and a half my page is filled with the re-vines of the hilarious IceJJFish and the love birds Roro&Sophy. Or when I need a pick me up, I let Tori Kelly sing my problems away.

Not only is vine a place for celebrities, it’s became a gateway for upcoming talent to be noticed. Knowing I am one connection in the vast web to get future talent prospects noticed with just a simple touch of my cell phone is astonishing.

One of my personal favorite artists, SoMo, who is just beginning to gain fame on the radio with his hit songs ‘Ride’ and ‘Show Off,’ all thanks to his jump start from Vine. He started making six second covers to his favorite songs, then full length covers on YouTube. He took my breath away along with the rest of the youth of America. When he was finally noticed, his career took off and it all started on this, simple, free app.
Some Vines make us laugh, others make us cry, and some even open our eyes to a new world. No matter the Vine, as long as it’s entertaining, we’re refreshing that home screen so stop what you’re doing and “do it for the Vine!”

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