Need for Speed: Overwhelming ‘Need’ to watch

Anyone who had a PS2 played ‘Need for speed’ as a kid; now it has turned to a movie in 2014. Upon hearing the news of the movie, I questioned, “Will I need to watch it, or will it be another video game turned to a movie become a bust?”
Starring, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul who plays as Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad” stars as the main character, Tobey Marshall, and who I think is a pretty good example of Tobey. Tobey is portrayed as hard worker, sort of a blue collar mechanic who is framed for crimes he never committed. Co-Starring is Dominic Cooper, who is acting as Dino Brewster, Tobey’s pal, and is well known car entrepreneur. The female lead is played by is Imogen Poots, who is known for her role as Tiffany in “28 weeks later”, starring as Julia Bonet, a slick exotic car dealer who knows all the racers with crazy money.
The movie centers around Tobey Marshall, who makes and builds fantastic muscle cars for ex-NASCAR racer Dino Brewster, a rich upperclass man with mad cash. Julia Bonet hits a major sale with a man in Europe, buying a lot of Dino’s cars, which might help their struggling company, but soon after, Dino races a disastrous race with a new and much more improved car, blames Tobey, and to blackmail Tobey, falsely accuses Tobey for manslaughter on one of Dino’s business partners.
Two years later, Tobey is released from prison, and attempts to seeks revenge on Dino in the De Leon race,which is the ‘Super Bowl’ of racing. The exciting part is, that Tobey might not make it in time, so he has to drive this car that is juiced up on nitrous oxide, bobbing and weaving cop cars, from the East side to the West side. Fortunately, for Tobey, he arrives there with his buddy, Julia Bonet. Toney and Dino have a heated discussion, that ends with Tobey beating him, and the underdog Tobey prevails at first place.
The 8 year old in me wants to watch the movie to relive the moments I had playing this game. And I would heavily enjoy seeing if the movie lives up to it’s hype. I’m also pretty excited to see all the different muscle cars and European cars. I promise you, I’ll be watching ‘Need for Speed’.