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Feelin’ chicken: Tenders may vary, but always tasty

Chicken tenders here, chicken tenders there, chicken tenders are everywhere. Lately, chicken tenders have become increasingly popular in various fast food and sit down restaurants.

It’s like the new food fad. Several restaurants around town serve strictly tenders, or at least that’s the main item advertised on their menus.

Anytime I go to a restaurant, the first thing I ask the waitress is if they serve chicken tenders, and if they do, I know what I’m going to be eating that day.

In order for tenders to have a consistently good taste, they need to have a crunchy outside, but be moist and juicy on the inside. It’s kind of like science, trying to get the perfect ratio of culinary details to get that perfect tender taste.

When ordering a basket of tenders, the first question asked by the waitress or cashier usually pertains to a dipping sauce.

Ranch tends to be the most popular option, but if someone wants to be a bit more daring and get the true tender experience should at least try them without sauce too.

On my search for the best tenders in town, I went to Cane’s, Layne’s, and Wings ‘N’ More because they are the most popular places around here and everyone talk of their tenders as if they come from a mystical haven. My favorite tenders would have to be from Layne’s. Their tenders are more crunchy, yet still had that juicy taste. Since Layne’s is a hometown business they take time to make their food and have okay classic taste that I was looking for.

Cane’s on the other hand offers ‘the box’ which is a tasteful gathering of four chicken tenders offered with the amazing sauce only Cane’s offers.

The Cane’s sauce is sweet with a little kick and are the definition of perfection, but the tenders aren’t as well made as they are at Layne’s.

While Wings ‘N’ More offers four or six tenders in a basket and when they have that crunch that I like and are complemented by the curly fries.

While being healthy is a good thing going vegetarian or always watching what you eat can be a drag because you might not get to indulge yourself in some of the best food creations. Fast food is never the best thing to put in your body, and while tenders are a good source of protein, they contain a lot of sodium.And have adverse effects on your waistline

Next time you go out to eat with your friends or family, resist the urge to order some measly hamburger or steak, instead treat yourself to some nice chicken tenders. Whether it be from Layne’s, Cane’s, or Wings ‘N’ More, make sure to treat yourself to some nice, warm, mouthwatering chicken tenders to satisfy your taste buds.

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