Cats: purrfect pet for universal domination

Lucy Raleigh

Cats are, without a doubt, the most amazing creatures in the whole entire universe. Not only are they great, easy-to-handle pets, but are also the epitome of the internet today.  GIF after cat GIF, cats never cease to make us laugh until we cry, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cats also each have their own personalities and idiosyncrasies. Some cats may sleep all day and be totally mellow, while others can be completely insane and constantly bouncing off the walls. These crazy cats will usually grow out of the hyper phase once they become adults. Cats also have a tendency to be very sarcastic and sometimes evil, but we love them anyway.

A cat can be good for pretty much any type of household that’s missing a pet. If you’re away a lot, cats have a great way of keeping themselves company, by either trashing the house or sleeping all day. Since they sleep most of  the time, you never really have to worry about cats getting lonely. Cats are also excellent for a family with younger children, especially the hyper ones (cats, and children). They provide a great play buddy and an even better friend.

If the last thing your house needs is a cat getting hair everywhere and messing things up, then maybe an outdoor cat is the pet for you. Some cats do better in the great outdoors and enjoy being able to roam free for a while rather than being contained in a home all day. And though they aren’t too pleasing to the eye, hairless cats are also an option.

Even though cats are pretty awesome, they also have obvious issues. For instance, you can’t really train a cat. The closest thing there is to training for a cat is putting the litter box in an accessible place and cleaning it out every once in a while because, let’s be honest here, you can’t make a cat do anything it doesn’t want to do.  Cats can also be pretty evil. It’s never fun to replace the curtains after your kitten has ripped them up or to have a permanent pee stain on your great-grandmother’s rug.

Now if you have completely lost your mind and are ready to bring the devil’s animal into your home (no seriously), the best way of finding out which cat is best for you is to go to your local animal shelter or something similar, and hang out with the cats for a while and make a new best friend. Odds are there’s a cat somewhere out there waiting for a home, and maybe you’re the best fit for one another.