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Hanging with friends should focus on relationships, not blurred by substances

In high school there are many special occasions to look forward to: school dances and birthday bashes. You make plans with friends, rent limos, and buy dresses, but really, what are you thinking about when it comes to these events? How are you planning on showing up?

Sober? Drunk? High?

Unfortunately, many American teens make their most memorable events the most dangerous times of the year due to teens making stupid and unnecessary choices, such as smoking and drinking.

Why do some adults think being high or drunk with teens and children around is okay? Adults should serve as positive examples to younger people, not as poor influences, because younger children and teens look up to them.  When making plans to go out to a party, you shouldn’t feel the need to have to drink, do drugs, or participate in any other illegal activities. Adults must know right from wrong around other people.

When I’m out with my friends or at a big event, I know I will see at least five people under the influence. The kind of people that have to be drunk or high to have fun, are absurd to me, because it’s ridiculous to want it all the time. It’s like they’re addicted to something that does not make it any fun, if anything it ruins the fun, because of how dangerous and harmful it can be.

Drinking under age is a big deal in the U.S. The legal drinking age is 21, so why are 13 and 14 year olds drinking alcohol? Some people might say, “Well in other countries they can drink at a young age,” as an excuse, but they don’t drink to get drunk, they drink to compliment their meal, just like drinking wine with their dinner. Military soldiers might also say “If I can die for my country I should be able to drink.”but with drinking comes responsibility.

I don’t see what’s so wrong about going to a party sober. It would be nice to know what I’m doing and be able to walk straight and remember the events that took place.

There are fun and sober activities to do everywhere, but it seems like an increasing number of young people choose to ignore that, because they’re too hung up on getting high and drunk. Some use it has an excuse to escape. Saying it makes their life and problems better and helps them feel happier, but in reality their issue of being sad or angry is still there. Being high is a temporary feeling, and really it’s just making your problems worse, not really helping.

Every time I ask someone why they keep smoking or what’s so good about it, their response is “It makes me feel good”. Ok, it brings a temporary escape to reality, that’s great, but it causes poor choices and lowers your reaction time. I just don’t get how smelling like marijuana and alcohol is pleasant to people, especially at special occasions. It takes the focus away from the people and events and places it on the substance. In all honesty, people should not have to do things that are after their conscious state, like getting drunk or getting high just to enjoy themselves.

It’s time to take a stand, have fun, and get to know people by playing games, being in clubs, or even just going to the movies, instead of staying stuck in the past, sticking with bad habits and going to jail. Now tell me would that still be fun?

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