Theatre program huge hit after first performance

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood is everything a high school play should be: funny, entertaining, clean-humored, and hilariously weird. And the quirky, lovable Viking cast brought the characters to life – onstage, and off.

It’s the classic tale of Robin Hood, who takes from the rich and gives to the poor, but with a major twist.

Robin Hood has a slight ego problem and is constantly battling to be the center of attention with the wonderfully sarcastic ‘Townsie’, who constantly breaks the fourth wall to ask things of the stage manager and the audience alike. The rest of the cast even gets off the stage to run through the “castle” (theatre), commenting on how badly designed it is and asking things of the people in the audience.

The story is bizarre in places, with a bowling match instead of an archery competition to win the hand of the fair maiden, Marian. But then, when no winner can be named, they move on to archery anyway.

At one point, our hero Robin gets thrown into the Dungeon of Despair (cue ominous music) and is forced to listen to Justin Beiber until his brain turns to mush.

The cast members played their parts beautifully, adding a special flair to the already witty, incredibly slapstick humor.

No two shows were alike, as many of the scenes were improvised as they saw fit.

It required quick-thinking, and a sharp sense of humor, but they pulled it off magnificently. I can’t wait to see the next Viking theatre production – The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, to begin on December 7.