Dress code meant to prepare, not hinder expression

SAC, suspension, phone calls home, having to change clothes, referrals, and so many more things are consequences of the two words we all hate to hear, dress code.

Three years ago, the school board enacted a new dress code for students within the district. Girls tops must have sleeves, jeans, dresses, and skirts must reach the top of the knee., with no rips or holes. Boys, must be clean shaven with shirts tucked in, and pants pulled all the way to their waistband, with a belt. People need to have a natural hair color, no costumed contacts, house shoes, or loose jewelry. Doesn’t sound like too much, does it? But oh trust me, it is a big deal.

Getting in trouble for dress code can lead to other things. Many students found to be out of compliance with the dress code get an attitude with the teacher, walk out of class, or even throw a fit and cause a big scene.

Students argue that they should be able to dress how they want, and be able to express themselves, but does wearing clothes in a provocative manner express your personality in the best way? Or are students bringing out their inner attention seeker?

For young ladies that complain about what they can’t wear, the dress code is watching out for their best interests. If someone were to wear a spaghetti strap blouse with shorts to work as a lawyer it wouldn’t be appropriate work attire, but to the beach is appropriate. Students have to think about the circumstances and make sure it’s in the appropriate environment. These lessons are to benefit your future success.

For the males argument on dress code, if they are going to sag, they might as well not wear any pants. Sagging is inappropriate for any professional environment. Many people complain about why they have to tuck their shirts in and why they have to wear a belt, but the image created by this is far more professional.

The dress code implemented by the school is attempting to prepare us for the business world. Most people I know want to make big money and spend big, but dressing like a clown or like you’re going to a party will not cut it in the professional world. The jobs that pay the best money will not allow it. Right now school is our job and we should treat it as such.

Even though, many of the trends that are in right now are inappropriate for school, students can still find cute outfits that are school appropriate if they work a little harder. The fact is they have to follow rules, and will continue to do so in the real world.

If students can’t find a way to express themselves within the standards set forth by dresscode, maybe their identity needs to be a little stronger and not defined so much by articles of clothing they wear.