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Vikings forge hammer, create symbol of pride

HammerThor’s hammer is a mythological weapon, said to have been wielded by the Norse god of thunder, allowing him the ability to fly and summon lightning against his foes. Thor was seen as a protector of humanity, fighting for what was just and right against formidable enemies; however, only those who were “worthy” could lift the hammer, thus gaining the power of Thor himself. Bryan High students have proved themselves worthy, lifting high their very own Thor’s hammer.

The fabled hammer of Norse mythology was said to have been forged in the heart of a dying star and, while that may not be the case for the Bryan High hammer, its story is just as unique.

“The hammer was made from a piece of steel that was found in the field house when Coach Rogers came to Bryan High,” assistant football coach Kurt Galey said. ”We do not know how old it is, but we think is has been here since Bryan High has been a high school.”

Just as Thor’s hammer was said to be stronger than any normal piece of metal, it seemed that this piece of steel was just as tough as the Viking spirit and it took the heart of Viking students to make the hammer.

“It was hard to cut because we couldn’t cut through it with a plasma cutter that can normally cut through a 5 inch steel plate, so we had to use a grinder over 2 or 3 weeks,” senior Chris Head, who helped make the hammer, said. “A grinder can usually last about 3 weeks, but we had to switch the stone out five times to grind through the metal.”

Once the hammer was shaped and the general form completed, the phrase “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor” was inscribed onto the side of the hammer.

“I hope the hammer serves the team as a symbol to be ‘worthy’ as an athlete but, more importantly, as a person and student at BHS,” coach Robert Jesurun said. “It is a symbol of strength and power, but only on the condition of being worthy.”

While students may not have the ability to fly, summon lightning, or gain superhuman strength, this hammer does have an impact on the mindset of athletes and students.

“The hammer is our symbol,” senior KeeKee Johnson said. “We touch it before we go out to the game. It helps make us work harder, play harder, and go out there and perform for the school and community.”

The Vikings also use the hammer as a representation of the unwavering spirit of Bryan High, rallying together behind the idea of what it means to be a Viking.

“Thor makes everyone come together,” senior Sterling Whitely said. “We all rally together because we are a family. We are like brothers on the field.”

While the hammer has been used mostly by the football team, other clubs and activities are welcome to use it for their events.

“The hammer has been embraced by the football team, but I hope that other sports, clubs and activities will choose to include it in their events as well,” Jesurun said. “I envision the hammer being used at any and all BHS activities.”

While Vikings have been performing well this year, that power doesn’t come from the hammer, it comes from the undying Viking pride that is shared by all BHS students.

“I hope this will be a tradition that will carry on for many years to come,” Galey said. “So that when students graduate from Bryan High, they will be proud to be a Viking.”

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