Focus on family, friends this season

As Black Friday creeps deeper into Thanksgiving every year, guests around the dinner table become more sparse as they rush to beat the crowds or clock in to work their shifts.

This attitude is seen at Christmas as people have become more interested in gifts and possessions rather than spending time with their loved ones.

The materialistic spirit of the holidays has invaded our homes and overtaken the true meaning of this season.

Instead of being thankful and cherishing the few moments we get with our families, we are more concerned with getting an iPhone 6+ with a hundred dollar discount.

People and humanity in general should be more focused on spreading peace and joy to all rather than being selfish and focusing on merchandise that could never, and will never, replace the role that loved ones play in our lives.

Even abstaining from religious views in regards to holidays, we are caught up in the world around us – our jobs, money, drama – and don’t emphasize the importance of relationships.

This time of year should be a reminder to never take family and friends for granted as each moment is precious.

We should focus on finding common ground with others instead of fighting over the last discounted pair of flannel pajamas.

Though peace on earth may never be truly obtainable, you should never give up hope and always keep striving to make each day better.

As this year comes to a close, don’t focus on next year’s resolutions yet, instead focus on the few days of this year you have left to make a difference and spend time with those you care about the most.

Ask yourself how can I ‘Be the One’ for someone this holiday season. How can I make a difference in someones life by donating time, money, or food to someone in need?