Bryan High takes on a new name

In an unanimous school board decision, Bryan High School was renamed to Travis B. Bryan Jr High School on November 9th.

The name change was instigated in order to honor Travis B. Bryan Jr, who founded the Bryan ISD Education foundation, and recently passed away last September.

Along with honoring a notable Bryan resident, the name change also reflects a Bryan ISD policy dictating that schools, and school buildings, to be named after honorable Texans.

While the official name of the school has changed, Principal Diana Werner said that many of the associations with the school, such as the initials, mascot, and cheers will not be changed.

“This does not change BHS Vikings, Bryan Vikings, Go Big Blue, and Go BHS!  It does not change your diplomas, t-shirts, letter jackets, etc,” Werner said. “What it does is takes the city name of Bryan [in Bryan High School] and changes it to a person’s name, Travis B. Bryan, Jr. “