Relationship goals: Old, new friends create balanced support system

Relationships are some of the most important factors in people’s lives. Many people do not feel that there is room for both old and new friends and it can cause issues, but both old and new friends have a place in a person’s life.

People have friends that they call “sister” or “bestfriend” because they have known them for years and the relationship is that close. They know everything about each other and still remember every little thing each person ever said. They know each other’s mothers and their families are an extension of their own . They are the people who have been friends forever.

Old friends are great, because allow people to, know each others past and they frequently have a lot in common. They are fun to be around and they that always has each other’s back. One of the best reasons for having an old friend is to get an honest opinion. Old friends are totally honest, without worrying about hurting  feelings because they know they are loved. Old friends should be thanked the next time one looks the other in the eye, shake their head, and suggest their friend  rethink a silly decision. After all he’s got your best interests at heart.

New friends are great, they are there to learn about each other equally. They are beginners, a new person, a new start to life. New friends are there to support each other and to be apart of the journey. The end of friendships can sometimes come unexpectedly, so it’s good to have other friends around who can step in and give support during difficult times . Having a new  friend can help people think of other opinions and help with problems that may arise like apologizing, learning how to gain distance from others, and how to forgive another friend that was wrong.

If someone is in an unbalanced friendship with their old friend, new friends will allow them to switch their priority to those people who truly care about staying in touch, rather than spending time on self-absorbed individuals. When someone has a steady group of people in their life, they recognized the qualities of good friendships whether the people are old friends or new friends. Real friends will always come back, and if not they were never really true friends and new friends are always an option.