TV series gives teens something to ‘Gossip’ about after finding new life on Netflix

Payton McKeehan

“Xoxo, Gossip-Girl”, one of the most adored phrases of an entire decade of teenage girls. The hit CW television series Gossip Girl focused on a preppy private school on the upper east side of New York and more importantly, the characters living the idolized lifestyle of glitz and glamour. In December 2012, Gossip Girl broke hearts before signing off with their final season, but thanks to Netflix, audiences can relive every single episode over and over again. With a perfect cast to match the fabulous characters, the show can turn into an easy binge on the weekend.

The show revolves around Serena van der Woodsen, Constance High School and New York’s lost it-girl trying to find her way. Serena is played by Blake Lively, the tall beautiful blonde which also fits in describing the character of Serena. Lively has a typecast for the tall and independent girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be, making her a shoe-in for the role of Serena.

Serena tries to find herself through Dan Humphrey, nicknamed ‘Lonely Boy’, due to his need to be independent from all others. Penn Dayton Badgley was perfect for the role of Dan Humphrey because Badgley already has the “writer in distress” look. Both Penn and the character Dan have the unshaved over-grown hair. Dan wants to be a writer and gives the show a sort of intelligence in direct opposition to all of the love-stoned drama.

Blair Waldorf, my favorite character, is the typical Queen B from an upper class family and gets all that she desires. Leighton Meester plays Blair Waldorf profoundly as she grows with the character throughout the series. Leighton naturally falls into the life of Blair with an air of haughtiness and arrogance about her, but underneath all that there is still elegance and grace.

The character, Chuck Bass is the only son of a big-time business man Bart Bass. After Chuck’s dad dies and other series of unfortunate events occur it makes it even more difficult for Chuck to stand on his own feet. Yet, this is why he needs Blair, she is always his person to lean on. Ed Westwick was a great actor for this role of Chuck Bass, in that even his stance, the way he purses his lips, and his hand gestures as he talks piece together who Chuck Bass is. These characteristics are perfect for Chuck in that they represent his confidence and persuasive skills.

Nate Archibald, played by Chace Crawford, was the charming, good-looking, poster for preppy boy. He is a great friend to all and sometimes that gets him into trouble, or hurt. Although he has everyone’s best interest at heart, not everyone returns the favor.

Even though Gossip Girl no longer plays on CW, viewers may still watch the series with a subscription to Netflix. After a small monthly payment, you may watch a variety of shows including the glamorous series of Gossip Girl.