Feast summons magical memories through music, food, fun, & family

Feast of Carols returns for its 32nd production this weekend. It’s a magical event put on by the the choir and orchestra students, and transports guests to medieval time. Filling the night with laughter, full stomachs and musical enjoyment.

Feast of Carols is a collaborative effort within the fine arts department, requiring weeks of planning, hours of rehearsals, and outside effort by students to ensure the show runs smoothly. Choir director Brittany Gibson is experiencing her first year as a director for Feast of Carols, but it isn’t her first go round with the program as she is a former BHS choir student.

“It’s different being on this end because we’re learning and teaching every song instead of just some of them,” Gibson said. “We also have to make sure that all of the logistics run smoothly beyond the music and as a student, I didn’t have to concentrate on that part as a student.”

The Feast of Carols’ theme resonates with families during the Christmas time, offering a truly medieval experience. Choir and orchestra members serve delicious food and perform in beautiful gowns and robes while speaking in with an English accent, adding to the overall experience.

“I really enjoy Christmas music so it’s really fun to be apart of the big feast,” senior choir student Marco Gutierrez said. “Singing with everyone really helps get me into the holiday spirit.”

Other choir students agree that it is a magical time that has become an annual event that everyone looks forward to.

“I like the magic that happens when we sing, and making people happy and putting them in the Christmas spirit by our singing,” senior choir student Avery Potts said. “I love being able to do what I love fore the glory of God.”

Feast of Carols brings warm memories of many Christmas and is a family experience that people will continue to share. Every guest at Feast of Carols is left with an overwhelming sense of happiness and togetherness.

“I love to attend Feast of Carols because it is a tradition that marks the beginning of the holiday season,” English teacher Lisa Prejean said. “I started taking my daughter when she was in middle school, and then attended the program when she was in the choir at Bryan High. Now that she has graduated, we are still attending the Feast because it has become something we do together each year.”

Feast of Carols is an event that brings families together and seeing the happiness and togetherness is what makes the event even better for those involved with the production.

“My favorite part of feast is how the event makes the kids and audience feel,” choir director Alex Medlock said. “There’s just an excitement and an energy that is created with Feast of Carols. The Christmas season, for some, is an emotional time it brings back good memories of memories and how it makes the crowd feel.”

Despite being around for over 32 years, Feast of Carols has yet to lose its draw, selling out this year’s tickets in just three days.

“Feast is a really quality product there’s great singing and great entertainment, ”Medlock said. “The food is great, it’s centered around family and bringing your friends together for a meal which is always a hit and so that’s why I think that feast is so popular. It’s just the family feel and sharing a meal and great music.”